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Friday 16th July 2013

I'm sorry for not updating, but I've decided to stop updating the game and cancel the project. However, I'm making another great rpg game with classes like warrior, mage, rogue, and skills like hammer strike, fireball, dagger dodge. It's going to be updated, but I'll upload it in a new website in 2014. I'll also post the website here when it's finished.

Sunday 09th June 2013

Sorry for not updating. Problem with computer. I'll update it tomorrow or following week. If you could add other comments on the forums, I would happily put the idea on my game. Cheers.

Tuesday 4th June 2013

I did'nt update the game last week, but i'll update it this friday. Plz don't forget to subscribe, tell others, and play more. I'll set up a discussion in the forums called "Start Scene", so you can tell if you like the new layout. That's about it for now. After school ends ( hooray! ), I'll update more frequently. Don't forget to also write on the weapon forums, for tomohawks, and arrows, and enemies such as ninja with backflips, or litteraly, anything that comes up in your mind like polar bears with taser. Sorry for locking the forums, so I've unlocked it.

Saturday 25th May 2013

Plz don't forget to subscribe, so u can get updates. B-)
Plus, I'll update the game later today or tomorrow.

Friday 19th May 2013

I haven't updated the game because I had loads of exams. I'll definetley update the game in the following week. I've been focusing on making a new game so sorry for not updating. By the way, if you have someone who doesn't know that i'm going to update it, please tell them so they'll know that the game is a continuous work, and its not going to be completed, so you can get more and more levels. I'll upload the other game in a few weeks time. So for know, keep waiting, and I'll give you the update on Saturday, or Sunday.

Friday 29th March 2013

Today, the website is in google as " Adventures Of A Rectangle ".

I have also updated the game so the downloaded version is the same as the website one. I am also trying to make different games so there are more than one things to keep you happy. Click on the Games page to play Platformer.

Saturday 23rd March 2013

I added a link so if anyone has a website, please copy this html code and paste it:

<a href="">Play Platformer</a>

Wednesday 20th March 2013

The game has'nt been updated, but it is in google, so you can search it up rather than write the website. However, the next website has something to do with eggs and festivals, so be ready...

Saturday 16th March 2013

I haven't uploaded the game for the website, but I've made a downloadable game in the Downloads section. Don't forget to check it.

Sunday 3rd March 2013

Sorry for not uploading. Did'nt know there was a mistake.
Here's the update.

Saturday 16th February

I uploaded a new part for the game since some of the levels had mistakes. It's half term so I can make games quicker. I will also make different games so be ready. The coming upload will have grenades and bazookas. Anyway, this is the new update.

Thursday 14th February

This is the new updated version of the game. Sorry if it is a bit bad. My friend wanted to update it today so some parts are not finished. The next update with the grenades and bazookas are roughly going to be at Friday 22nd February. Don't worry, it will be easier since most of my homeworks are done and it's half term. Anyway, relax and play...

Wednesday 13th February

This is the new website for the game. Sorry, it's work in process. I will do regular updates on some features.
Here are some of them:

The next update will be in three weeks since I have school and it's quite busy. However, be prepared.

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